Insurance Claims

Has your insurance company refused to adjust or fully pay your claim after Hurricane Maria? You’re not alone. Some insurance companies in Puerto Rico have not even inspected the damage to their policyholders’ properties or paid one dollar on their claims since the hurricane.

The experienced attorneys at Baker Nicholson are helping Puerto Ricans recover the insurance proceeds they are entitled to. If your insurance company is giving you the run around or has failed to properly pay your claim, Baker Nicholson is here to help.

Baker Nicholson has experience in representing municipalities (cities, towns, counties) local governments, business owners, medical facilities, churches, homeowners, and more on their insurance claims. If you think you have a claim after Hurricane Maria, give the attorneys at Baker Nicholson a call for a free consultation.

FEMA Claims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides disaster relief funds to certain Puerto Rican entities, such as local governments, government agencies, schools, medical facilities, and non-profit organizations.

A FEMA claim and insurance claim go hand in hand. You may be entitled to recover certain funds that your insurance company does not pay. The attorneys at Baker Nicholson can handle your insurance and FEMA claims together in a way that maximizes both claims.

For instance, Baker Nicholson may be able to get FEMA to pay your attorneys’ fees and expenses on your insurance claim, so you don’t have to pay your lawyers anything. Baker Nicholson is committed to helping you recover everything you are entitled to from FEMA. If you’d like to discuss submitting a FEMA claim, call Baker Nicholson today.